It’s your call as to whether you want to go casual or dressy. For one of your looks we like you to wear something with sleeves at least down to your elbows - you don't want to look like you're not wearing clothes in your (head and shoulders only) yearbook portrait. Any color is fine except white – it’s too bright and can wash you out. Go with an off-white or cream if light colors are more suitable for your skin tones.

For girls - nothing too low cut, and pick a flattering neckline. It's a great idea for you to come with dance shorts under your outfit - that way with whatever pose we do, you'll feel covered and be able to concentrate on looking great.

For guys – skip the white t-shirt under your shirt – it draws attention to the bright white triangle at your neck. If you want to wear a t-shirt, make it black or navy.   


For girls:  We love curly hair as it frames the face so beautifully, but you are welcome to straighten your hair. We love to try out a couple of different dos - hair down, messy bun, side braid, whatever style you love. Go easy on the hairspray to minimize excessive reflections. Be sure to bring a hairbrush and any makeup you use for touchups during your session.

For Guys:  If you’re going to get your hair cut for your portrait, do it at least two weeks before your session to avoid that “freshly trimmed” look. That also gives you time to minimize any tan lines on your neck.


Keep your makeup natural and not too heavy. Avoid anything glittery and glossy as it just throws light around. Bring any makeup you use for touchups during your session. Anything that brings out your eyes is fantastic, and foundation to help even out your skin tone is always a good idea. And if you’re having a bad skin day, not to worry – we’ll be sure that you look perfect in your finished portraits!


If you’re having a bad skin day, not to worry – we’ll be sure that you look perfect in your finished portraits. Make sure you have clean, trim nails (hands and feet) and be sure to remove old nail polish. Use lotion to avoid dry-looking patches of skin.


To avoid glare and reflections, either wear contacts or see if you can borrow a pair of glasses from your optometrist that have no lenses in them.

Bring a friend! Bring your animal friend too!!

Bring a friend to make the experience more fun - they can help with your stuff, make sure you’re looking good, and even get in on some of your portraits. And don't forget your pets - we've had some amazing sessions with animals ranging in size from a horse to a teeny-tiny dog and a bunny:)



The link to our Pinterest Page below will give you some great ideas about what to wear, color combinations, accessories and hairstyles that we love.  We want you be inspired for your session because you're going to have a fabulous time!